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Are you pretty much where you were this time last year?

If no, things are better and you’re on track to accomplish your objectives for 2014, great. If yes, then why is the question because there are many reasons why a practice or business would plateau (just like there are many reasons why a patients health can plateau). Have you applied the same reasoning you would […]

Thanksgiving Wishes And Then Some…

Our long term subscribers know this but for all our new subscribers…Thanksgiving is my family’s TOP holiday of the year.  Imagine a holiday to remind us of all we have been blessed with and all we are grateful for.  This holiday always combined that tradition with both my son’s birthday as well as my Dad’s. […]

Who Said So?

Coaches Corner What is dogma? According to Ayn Rand, dogma is a set of beliefs accepted on faith; that is, without rational justification or against rational evidence. A dogma is a matter of blind faith. Where do we see evidence of dogma in chiropractic…in the coaching

Point Of Pain

Coaches Corner A frequent coaching question and topic revolves around x-ray…. Should I? Shouldn’t I? If I do, do I take point of pain only? Am I responsible for the full spine if I adjust

It’s Been Six Weeks Since…

I sent you any Announcements So here are a few timely ones: Last Chance for the Business Development Seminar on November 1… First a few words…everyone has heard the cliche that if you fail to plan you are planning to fail… ITS NOT TRUE!

What Did You Want To Know?

One that I receive over and over and over again and a quick question about technic so let’s do the technic question first: I have a question.  I have gotten really specific at adjusting the atlas.  I have noticed though that about 99% of the time the short leg switches when I flip the patients […]

It’s the 4th Quarter: First Down or Touchdown?

Originally Posted on October 6, 2014 by Dr. Steve Coaches Corner-In a Minute but This Just In!  I Just Got This Email… My partner, Dr. Alan, just sent me this email that said if I thought the Forbes article or the recent articles on stroke and cervical manipulation were bad for our public image….I just […]

Change or Surprise?

Originally Posted on September 22, 2014 by Dr. Steve Coaches Corner I think we can agree that change is good.Even when it comes to evaluating a practice member’s response to care with the subluxation station, the only poor re-exam result is one that has not changed.  When we think about it, we realize that the […]

Grass Roots and Chiropractic Trends

Originally Posted on September 29, 2014 by Dr. Steve Coaches Corner Grass Roots and Chiropractic Trends This article could fit into either the Coaching Corner or Marketing but the topic is so important and the timeliness of it so critical, that its topic designation is irrelevant. It will come to no surprise to our readers […]

Are you making the same excuses that they do?

Originally Posted on September 20, 2014 by Dr. Steve Coaches Corner They who?  Your current and prospective patients. You tell them the story.  You tell them what they have to gain.  You tell them how important their life and health is and they tell you “NO” or, worse yet, they make excuses. Are you making […]