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I think we can agree that change is good.Even when it comes to evaluating a practice member’s response to care with the subluxation station, the only poor re-exam result is one that has not changed.  When we think about it, we realize that the public thinks that attempting to maintain the status quo makes sense…you know, the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.
Surprisingly, many docs are averse to change because change involves giving up something to potentially gain something else…presumably of greater value.All of my coaching clients know that I am working on making changes to our existing coaching program so that the changes we make don’t come as a surprise to them.Further, to respect them and their loyalty, any changes we do make in the coaching program are completely optional for existing clients….they can get on board with whatever the new program is or they can keep what they have…their choice.
And, before any changes are made, I survey my clients to find out what they like best, find what is the most useful and want they want more of….as well as what they do not feel is as valuable as it could be.  This way, any changes that we do propose will both be no surprise and hopefully, be welcome by the majority of clients.  You see….I think change is good…..surprise, not so much.
I tell you this about our coaching program because it is also the way I ran my practice and I encourage you to also consider surveying your practice members about how you can be of even greater service to them.  If you want to make a change in your office hours, why not find out what the majority of your practice members would prefer first? Common sense, right?Or,“Our fees are going up…But yours don’t have to.  Make sure you speak with the doctor before November 1″
In this decade, we must be transparent and authentic.Tell people what you want and offer them the possibility of going along with your changes or keeping what they have. Change is necessary and when fully thought out (more on that in a moment) and agreement is sought on the anticipated changes, then there is no surprise and no upset.
Invoking change is simply following the SuccessFormula:
  1. Get a clear picture of what you want the outcome to look like.
  2. Determine what skills or abilities will be needed to create that outcome.
  3. Ask yourself and others why the changes you are making are important to you and them.
  4. Do you have the resources to make this change take place?
  5. What’s your plan for implementation?
If you follow this formula and involve your audience, the likelihood for change is good and the likelihood for a surprise that people feel negative about is minimized.

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