Dr Steve Hoffman

My start as a wellness oriented chiropractic practitioner led to the development of one of the most successful family practices in the state of Michigan. All this happened at the end of the Jimmy Carter administration (1980) in a community devastated by double digit inflation and double digit unemployment.

My accomplishments in both the health field and the business arena have brought me to where I am now – educating chiropractors (new and experienced) in new ways to flourish in any economy by creating a different practice model. 

My list of credentials includes:
-President and Chairman of the Board of the Michigan Chiropractic Council
-Author of the Michigan Standard of Care Model and Manual
-Founder and Director of HealthPlus: a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary wellness practice in southern California
-Speaker and Facilitator for the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
-Founder and Director of Discover Wellness, Inc.
-Founder and speaker for Mastering Chiropractic with Certainty
-Founder and director of the elite Mastery Coaching program
and more.

I have created a vehicle to accomplish my long-standing professional ambition – a burning desire to bring the message of true wellness to the public and foster a new level of understanding about health and well-being that is the turning point in the sought after paradigm shift that will change how we all view health.

Chiropractic Mastery
Dr. Steve Hoffman

Dr. Steve-isms

It’s better to grow healthy children than repair damaged adults.

Don’t repay kindness, pass it on!

Worry is a bet you can’t win.

My philosophy

  • Do what you love and love what you do
  • Serve yourself by serving your patients
  • Build the business and life you love

More from Dr. Steve

What could be holding you back from being, doing, or having ALL you want?

What would you do next if you knew you couldn’t fail?

When Vision is clear, actions are easy.

What drives you?

Unless you know what you want, there’s no decision to be made.

Change requires action.

It‘s not just getting first-downs; it’s about getting in the end zone and winning the game!

Humans have the ability to CHOOSE where to put their attention…choose wisely.


Want an office full of Ideal Patients?
How To Attract PERFECT PATIENTS – Without External Marketing!
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