Our long term subscribers know this but for all our new subscribers…Thanksgiving is my family’s TOP holiday of the year.  Imagine a holiday to remind us of all we have been blessed with and all we are grateful for.  This holiday always combined that tradition with both my son’s birthday as well as my Dad’s.  It was, is and will continue to be a tradition of reflection of both the ups and downs we have experienced and the recognition that those events, victories, losses and tragedies all provide the contract through which we can acknowledge all that we have to be grateful for.  So, in that spirit, please accept our best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving this year and every year.  We are grateful for you and all you do and are blessed to be part of your lives and have you be part of ours.



Inspired by Caroline, a brave and beautiful little girl with a very serious cancer, CureNotProfit was created by my son and daughter-in-law as a way of providing both Caroline and her pregnant mom and other families with serious medical and/or financial needs with free chiropractic care.  

Her mom has shared Caroline’s chiropractic story with many others at Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego because Caroline’s doctors have noticed that she has done better than most her peers with the same type of cancer.  
My son Ian said, “we are brought to happy tears knowing that Caroline is now back in school, done with medical treatments, will be off all medications next month, and her beautiful hair is now much longer than mine!”  

Caroline and her mom continue to receive free care and they’re not alone. 

Let us pay you back big time for supporting this Non-Profit.  Here’s what you can do now and realize we will be sending more info in a few days.

Simply CLICK HERE  and make a tax deductible donation of $99 or more and you’ll be supporting this great cause and will receive our Practical Philosophy Video and our Managment Seminar materials (nearly $500 value) as our way of saying thanks.

Special Note to Mastery Coaching Clients: These materials will be sent to you shortly as a THANK YOU for your loyalty to Mastery Coaching as our gift to you.  Watch your email for the download links….but do feel free to contribute to this most worthy cause.


Have you heard of Google+ Live Hangouts?

Everyone who is doing live events is using them and it is a great way or maybe the only way to get all your patients to hear your orientation lectures.

In fact I used it during the planning seminar and it was a big hit.  The problem has always been it takes hours to learn how to do them, that is until now.

It turns out that Dr. Randi I Ross from Community Wellness Day and Dr. Alan wrote an entire E-Book that includes step by step videos, MP3s, flowcharts, transcription, and notes that will get you up and running in a matter of minutes, and they even have a special chapter on getting Google Reviews for your practice.

The amazing part is that they put the entire thing together for only $47.00.  I suggest everyone get it because the it is the easiest way for you to learn it.

 CLICK HERE to get started.


Mark Zuckerburg on why Automated Marketing Fails:

Here’s some crucial information you need to know about your Facebook page directly from Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerburg.

It is not ofter that Mark speaks directly to page owners so make sure you pay close attention.

Learn about Google+. Video and Social Media
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Please contact me directly if interested in planning a seminar with me.  If you prefer a date in the second half of 2015, email me [email protected]

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 “I would more appropriately define mastery as the technical ability possible within the constraints of your particular existence.”
― Chris Matakas

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