APRIL 21, 2022 
What’s Happening in Your World?
POST Shot Sequelae

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We asked the question, “what’s happening in your world?” to look and see if patterns patterns are emerging in practice, what it may mean and how to best discuss it. This will, in turn, increases your ability to predict patient concerns.

Docs are seeing insidious onset of low back pain, bruxism and ear infections. Most, if not all, are directly or indirectly, post shot. (Indirect post shot is exposure to those that have had the shot(s). Dr. Dan and I discuss this in a very short FaceBook LIVEand we will finish with a part II soon to cover how I would communicate these issues pro-actively or re-actively in practice…so stay tuned to Chiropractic Mastery

The key is to have your peeps understand who you are, what you do and what makes you different than other, so called, health care providers. 
Jump into part I with Dr. Bronstein and me on our FaceBook Live video chat below: 

We’re looking at post-covid trends in practice. What are you seeing on the table now that COVID has run its way through your office-any clinical or objective changes? 

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You, too, can have a more nerve system-cause oriented approach to practice!
Take action…at the very least, ask questions!
Look forward to the next installment covering communications around your findings.

Dr. Steve Hoffman
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Join Ahlia for her meditations and yoga practices on YouTube