APRIL 28, 2022 
What Causes Patients to Drop Out?
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There are really 2 vastly different issues at play here.

Issue #1 – Yes, patients leave and it is almost always due to a lack of understanding, education and the doctor’s inability to create agreement. If they knew what you do, they would do what you do. What did you need to know (what was the turning point) that changed you from using chiropractic for a particular problem and caused you to embrace it as a necessary life style? That’s what they need to know too!
Patients leave because you didn’t create value in their mind to continue. You met THEIR expectations but, while doing so, did not effectively communicate how they would benefit from continued care. We address this with docs in Mastery Coachingas we help them build their patient education system.

Issue #2 – Have you ever considered the patient’s perspective asking themselves, “why did the doctor leave me?” What’s their experience in your office? When their priority was to get rid of a problem, they had your time and attention as you communicated, evaluated, explained and rendered care.

While you would never want THEM reducing their care because their symptoms improved, how often have you reduced their care because their symptoms improved?

Their priorities have shifted because they’re feeling better and you seem to be doing the same thing (or less) to them every visit for the same money as before. WHY did you leave them is an appropriate question.

Why do we layer care off as people improve instead of layer care on in order to help them functionally evolve?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, how can you expect your practice members to understand how you are different from their allopathic doctor?

Dr. Dan and I are looking at post-covid trends in practice. What are you seeing now that COVID has run its way through your office-any clinical or objective changes? 

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You, too, can have a more nerve system-cause oriented approach to practice!
Take action…at the very least, ask MORE questions!

Look forward to the next installment with Dr. Dan as we will cover communications around your findings.

Dr. Steve Hoffman
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