MAY 05, 2022 
Follow Up Questions
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Following up from 2 weeks ago when seeing trends in the office and exploring that communication with practice members about your findings for them specifically, or in general; you need a follow-up. We talked about symptom trends post covid or post covid injection so how to broach this subject with practice members:
By example, as people experience more nerve system arousal, bruxism is a common development. We’ve discussed other common developments since early in the covid era like heart issues, breathing issues, fatigue, anxiety, blood sugar and more.

The conversation could simply be, “does anyone in your family grind their teeth at night?” And, their answer doesn’t matter! Yes: we’re seeing a lot of that and thats why I asked. No: great because we’re seeing a lot of that and that’s why I asked. Or, simply, “why do you ask?” I ask because we’re seeing a lot of that.

Regardless of answer, you get to explain how bruxism is a common issue resulting from an over stimulated nervous system and whatever else you might add.
In the past you might have followed up this (or any) explanation with, “do you have any questions and/or do you understand?” It seems they never have questions and always understand….but they don’t so try these follow ups:
So, what did you learn from my explanation?
What one thing did I say that stood out most in your mind?
How would you communicate this to others?
In today’s video Dr. Dan and I explore this and, at the end, Dr. Dan mentions how he is seeing a lot more people suffering with migraines lately. This is something that dovetails nicely with both heart and liver issues post injection as docs are (and have been) reporting an increase in subluxation findings at C7 and T1.
Jump into outr conversation:

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You, too, can have a more nerve system-cause oriented approach to practice!
Take action…at the very least, ask MORE questions!
Dr. Steve Hoffman
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