APRIL 14, 2022 
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Questions and Testimonials

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We often get questions and testimonials on our FaceBook Forum If you’re not yet a member, its free and easy to join so please do. Recently we received this from one of the docs on the Forum:

An awesome patient testimonial I thought I would share.
Patient was seeking care for severe low back pain after a few falls. During her intake, she mentioned since having covid last year she will get a rash on her abdomen and lower extremities every time she exercises or walks for long periods of time. She asked MDs and they had no explanation and recommended to take Benadryl. This week I followed up with her to ask about the rash, and she said since receiving nervous system adjustments she has not had any rashes even without taking Benadryl. How awesome!

Needless to say, Dr. Bronstein and I reviewed this in one of our FaceBook Live video chats because, while we love the results our docs are getting, and we love hearing about patient WINS; we especially love the opportunity for docs to attract non-pain practice members. Dr. Dan and I discuss all of this and more…check it out:

We are now looking at post-covid trends in practice…here’s what we just received from an early MC2 adapter:

I’ve noticed more celiac plexus after C1 is cleared and anterior T12 within these past few months. Specifically after (or during) their immune system has responded to a stomach “bug” followed by congestion.

What are you seeing on the table now that COVID has run its way through your office-any clinical or objective changes or differences? Do let us know either on the MC2 Facebook Forum or directly via email at [email protected] 

And We Get Testimonials too:

I just want to send a thank you to you for all you do and teach! Since taking MC2 in Sept 2021 and then having a follow up phone call with you, I have slowly transitioned my side of my husband and my practice to almost fully cash based and fully tonal chiropractic. I have truly seen so much fruit from these changes and following my “gut” instincts. My side of the practice has been growing almost effortlessly and it is so fulfilling! I myself feel less stressed and happier with how I am practicing now. The patient results have also been so much better. So again just sending a thank you because it has changed me, our practice, and our patients lives.

What could be better? We love hearing unsolicited testimonials like this one and we’d love to hear from you too!

You, too, can have a more nerve system-cause oriented approach to practice!
Take action…at the very least, ask questions!
Dr. Steve Hoffman
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