JANUARY 24, 2022 Cash VS Insurance
Where Do Superbills Fit?
Dentist or Orthodontist?

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A recent conversation with a Mastery Coaching client revealed an issue he is having that many of you may also be experiencing.
He wants a vitalistic cash practice. Practice members want to use their insurance. How to maintain a vitalistic focus and yet still practice (and bill) in a mechanistic medical model? Dan and I discuss this below though the best analogy I offered my client was on the difference between dentists and orthodontists. Think about it – how are many chiropractic practices like dental practices?Condition or symptom basedMay also take a preventative approachAt best, seek to maintain healthy teethWe see the dentist regularly for the rest of our livesAnd, there’s nothing wrong with any of this. There are also limited opportunities to utilize insurance to cover some of the costs.

And, we also have chiropractic practices like orthodontic practices:To contribute to a happier futureTo gain an advantage in living the healthiest life we canTo increase the odds of living to one’s potentialWe do whatever we can to maintain the initial correctionAnd, there’s nothing wrong with this approach either though insurance is almost never a consideration…this is elective care.
While dentists and orthodontists commonly separate their practices, chiropractors often provide both levels of service in the same practice and under the same roof.
 Take a few minutes to join Dan and I as we begin unraveling this for you: 
   Serving two masters may be inhibiting your forward momentum. Are you stuck? Do you also deal with this conundrum? If you want change, you must take action!
Dr. Steve Hoffman
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