JANUARY 24, 2022 
Is Accepting Insurance in a Vitalistic Chiropractic Practice
a Contradiction?

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The notion that contradictions lead to destruction is not new and, not doing what you say you’re going to do erodes personal power, so while there are many areas of contradiction in chiropractic practice, the subject of fees is a major one.

Other common contradictions include but are certainly not limited to:Preaching vitalism but practicing mechanisticallyUsing a static exam to tell you how the nervous system is adapting to stressUnderstanding the body is a dynamic organism but adjusting the same areas over and over againReducing a practice members schedule but adjusting something every time they come inNot using other health promulgating information/referrals in a lifestyle practice or visa versa(BTW-All of these are addressed in MC2)
But, today, we finish this series on billing, insurance and cash practices.   Take a few minutes to join Dan and I as we continue unraveling this for you: 
Serving two masters may be inhibiting your forward momentum. Are you stuck? Do you also deal with this conundrum? If you want change, you must take action!
Dr. Steve Hoffman
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Join Ahlia for her meditations and yoga practices on YouTube