AUGUST 24, 2022 
Function Determines Structure
Structural Changes are a RESULT

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A recent and intriguing question came up recently on the 
MC2 Facebook Forum and this was the gist of it, “
Is there the possibility that the spinal cord has torsion without major structural changes to the spine?” … “It seems the more I work with this, the more I am thinking lighter touch is best to create long lasting changes in the body.”

Indeed, this is what MC2 has promulgated almost since day 1 and the concept holds regardless of technic applied. My response in the FORUM was, “Great question. In my experience, the structure is the last to demonstrate torsion and is, therefore, most commonly an effect of neural-dural issues and yes, LESS is MORE!

We had lots of comments and all are appreciated. Dan and I agreed to do a FB Live on this. The title is, “Can cord torsion exist without structural torsion?”

We cut the video IN8minutes (actually less) and the kudos started immediately. You’re invited to watch the replay here.

There were also lots of kudos from the last edition on having a Happiness Driven practice. Thank you and also please feel free to share your thoughts too. My office email is [email protected]

Last thought-Your perceptions create your happiness.

Ask MORE questions! I’d love to help-just give me a shout.

Lots of this and more on the MC2 Facebook Forum Ask to join.

You, too, can have a more nerve system-cause oriented approach to practice!
Take action…at the very least, ask MORE questions!

Dr. Steve Hoffman
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