FEBRUARY 17, 2022
Communicating How You’re DifferentAND
Handling Contradictory Findings
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Two parts this week and both are critical to your clinical and practice success. Part I below was submitted to the MC2 Forum on Facebook. The question raised was, “I’m curious has anyone had a successful and brief way to communicate on the phone the differences in what you do compared to what they have experienced in the past? I suppose weeding out those that are just interested in pain based care.Since September, I have transitioned my practice into MC2 analysis and mainly use the integrator and I am finally almost all the way out of insurance. I am the only MC2 tonal chiro in the area and the concept seems very foreign to most people here.”So, it comes down to, “How do you communicate what you do to prospects over the phone so that they understand the difference between MC2, Health Development and what they’ve previously experienced? 
Here’s Part I on First Phone Call Communications: 
Part II was also submitted to the MC2 Forum and the question raised was, “have you ever checked a patient and found listings for the same vertebra on both sides?” And, “what about torque in both directions?”  Its critical to know what to do in this situation since wrong side and/or wrong torque can be devastating to the health and well-being of your practice member!
 Here’s Part II on Contradictory Findings: Critical to your Clinical Success! Are your clinical skills top notch?Do you know how to most effectively communicate today’s chiropractic?
If you want change, you must take action!
Dr. Steve Hoffman

Forum Testimonial:“Adjusting and caring for children is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as a chiropractor. I wanted to share one of those great moments with the group. A mom brought her 10 month old daughter in to see me because her daughter was struggling with constipation, feeding issues, sleep issues and attachment issues. Dad was unable to even hold her or play with her. Today was her first visit after her first adjustment last week. When I asker mom of any changes, she smiled from ear to ear. She said that sleeping was a lot better and dad was even able to hold and play with his daughter. The daycare even commented on how well she was today.
I wanted to share this as a reminder that not only do we impact the health and well being of a child, we also impact the health and well being of everyone around them.To all the Chiros in the group. You are changing the lives of so many. Keep it up!” 
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