JANUARY 01, 2022
Messages from Spiderman
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While not a movie buff by any means, I like to be entertained and, more importantly, get a message or two that provides vision, direction and motivation. I recommend you go see Spiderman and see what lessons may be in it for you.

Here’s what I got:
A common theme through all the S movies has been, “With great power comes great responsibility” and that reminded me that we all have great power so I encourage US ALL to accept the great responsibility that comes with that power.  I was reminded that we are all magical-just look at the transformations you have all experienced and that you have been a catalyst for. Choosing to be magical is up to you. How often do we forget that when you help one person, you help everyone? Watch children because they haven’t forgotten that we are all connected. Such a great reminder to revisit our principles and our philosophy. Even superheroes need and get adjusted-be the role model that the people in your life see you as being. Everyone needs a team or to be part of a team with agrred upon goals and visions. “It’s what we do” was a statement that really resonated with me and my mind went to IMPACT. I was reminded of meeting a young man while I was still a student who was a professional soccer player. He had an injury that ended his career and had been to every practitioner he could think of before seeing me. After his first TOGGLE, he was dramatically improved and went on to become a great upper cervical toggle doc who has been serving huge numbers of people for 40 years so far. That’s IMPACT! So please, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!! To YOUR MOMENTUM!
Dr. Steve Hoffman

JANUARY 01, 2022
Spiderman Message Responses
I’m so glad the Spiderman message resonated to positively for so many of you. For those that responded directly to me, thanks so much for the kudos and words of support. One response in particular also contains an important message and so, with his permission, here it is:
“Just to respond to the Spider-Man message. This fall after landing in the hospital again, thinking ‘this could be the big one’ I seriously gave some thought to retirement. You know it has been about 25 years since I first was going to retire until you showed me a better way to practice and live my life. Thank-You!! However, after taking a month off and doing some real soul searching I came to the same Spider-Man conclusion: Chiropractic is what I do! ( and I do a damn good job at it thanks to you!!) So I’m very excited to start year 49 this month! It feels good to work, not because you need to, but because you truly want to! Chiropractic has been so good to me and my family that I feel this is the best way I can pay back the universe! Sometimes I feel sorry for the DCs who just “don’t get it”! I love this profession! What a beautiful blessing it has been! Thanks for all your help and friendship! Anything I can do to help you, just ask! Love to you my friend!  Happy New Year!” – Jay
Dr. Steve Hoffman

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