AUGUST 09, 2022 
Do You Have and
Do You Want A
Happiness Driven Practice?

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There are many PRACTICE DRIVERS. Practices can be driven by statistics, by purpose, by altruism and more. Yet, somewhere along the line, especially (in my experience) among the more successful practitioners, having the freedom to have a HAPPINESS driven practice is the ShangriLa in practice so many seek.
And, there is no quid-pro-quo. There is no neediness. There is no model other than for each individual practitioner to make a determination of what drives their own happiness. So, what brings you the most JOY in your practice?

For me, it was a practice full of people that:
Got it
Were fun
Brought their families
Respected my time and talent
Referred people more than conditions
Wanted to develop their health
Kept their appointments
What are your determinants? If you already “had it all in practice” what would drive your joy? Here are some other suggestions to consider:
Not accept all prospective new patients
Do not do recall
Only accept new aptients by referral
Play the music that YOU LIKE
Work the hours that YOU LOVE
That your level of busy-ness allows you to deliver the quality of care you want
You could not wait to get to the office
You had a staff that would never leave you
This is all possible and its all possible at ANY TIME since few of these characteristics are dependent on your income. SECRET: the fastest way to afford it is to just do it!

Last thought – it’s not what you can afford to do. It’s what you’re comfortable doing!

Ask MORE questions! I’d love to help-just give me a shout.

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You, too, can have a more nerve system-cause oriented approach to practice!
Take action…at the very least, ask MORE questions!

Dr. Steve Hoffman
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Join Ahlia for her meditations and yoga practices on YouTube