AUGUST 02, 2022 
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While there are sometimes common themes to a day’s coaching calls, this was never been more evident than yesterday. Easily 3/4 of my calls brought up and dealt with, in one way, shape or form, the subject of DISCIPLINE and its importance.
Generally speaking, discipline is the ability to do what needs to be done in order to accomplish what you say you want to accomplish. It is, in essense, the willingness to put “your money where your mouth is.” It’s oof critical importance because a lack of discipline slowly erodes one’s personal power whereas the discipline to do what you say you will do when you say you will do it is how one grows their personal power.
Why drives discipline then? A clear WHAT you want with an even BIGGER WHY you want that. The secret sauce is a WILLINGNESS TO HAVE what you say you want. So, its a combination of VISION, MOTIVATION and DESIRE….true DESIRE.
So, what’s the problem? Without getting into an entire coaching call and diatribe here, the fundamental issue is BELIEF. And, the predominant belief in those wanting, but not having, the discipline to stay the course, is a deep seated-often unconscious belief that one is somehow damaged and unworthy of more.
Your Discipline is often mirrrored by your practice members. The more disciplined you are, the more they will believe and believe in you. Their growing personal power is the root of their compliance and recovery. To grow their health BEYOND relief, they must adopt a more disciplined lifestyle!
And, in so doing, together with you, they get to expand their range of ADAPTABILITY to past, current and presumed future stress. THAT is the evolutionary NEXT step for you, your practice and your community.
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Dr. Steve Hoffman
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