JULY 10, 2022 
What is a Constant?
What is a Variable?
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BJ defined a CONSTANT as C1 and C2 rotated together as a couplet. This was an important structural concept because (according to BJ) you could use EITHER C1 or C2 as the lever and correct both misaligned vertebrae.

Conversely, a variable was when there was a counter-rotation of C1 and C2. It was BJ’s contention that, in this case, to only adjust C1 because adjusting C2 would make C1 worse.

Many post HIO upper cervical approaches, including but not limited to Grostic and Blair, found vehicles, namely torque, to address these phenomena. 
And, while MC2 uses structural landmarks familiar to all of us, we view C1 and C2 laterality in our supine assessment yet look at rotation, inclination or declination of C2 in the prone analysis.

Recently, the question came up of what to do when findings indicate both C1 and C2? This is important regardless of technic or technic model because, at the end of the day I think we can all agree the objective is the reduction of nerve interference.

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