MAY 25, 2022 
Topic 1:
Which Supplements Do You Take?
Topic 2:
BioFields Explained

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TOPIC 1: Supplements
I mentioned this last week and Dan and I recorded a FaceBook Live event to explore this subject and invite your participation. My method is to see if there are any overt commonalities and I was looking to see what supplements, if any, healthy people take as part of their healthy lifestyle. On the video, I mention the top 4 supplements I take and Dan mentioned a few he takes. We have also had some commentary already from docs about what they take. So, do join in the conversation by posting on our MC2 Technic Forum Page and also by just sending me a quick email. Once results are in, I will happily let everyone know what commonalities I found.
Well, lots of you have PM’d me for more so here’s more to whet your appetite:

TOPIC 2: Biofields
We opened up the mind field last week and introduced the concept of BioFields, their predictability and use as a shortcut in practice. While largely applicable to MC2, this information is useful for all technics employing torque from a physiological, rather than structural, perspective.

BioFields or General Torque Fields are similar to Torsion Fields proposed by Einstein. In my experience, an individual’s BioField map rarely changes. Once you know an  individual’s “MAP”, you may eliminate the need for checking torque when adjusting. 

Be aware that it just might be your map and my findings are based on my map!

My map is if you find clockwise torque going up the body on the left, you will also find counter-clockwise torque going up the body on the right. And, visa versa.

 If you find counter-clockwise going lateral to medial on the left, you will find clockwise torque going lateral to medial on the right.
 Similar with P to A. Check it and see.

Their pattern should hold true going forward. 
If its ever not, look to YOU. Please play with this and let me know your findings. We are ALWAYS looking for commonalities.

Always check for certainty. Using an individual’s torque field allows you to eliminate the step of finding the torque for every area you interact with on a visit to visit basis.

We will be expanding this in 2 seminars scheduled for later this year. Nashville is already scheduled (see below) and we are in conversation with Matt Hubbard in San Diego for West Coast program (likely in November).

Lots of this and more on the MC2 Facebook Forum Ask to join.

You, too, can have a more nerve system-cause oriented approach to practice!
Take action…at the very least, ask MORE questions!
Dr. Steve Hoffman
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