MAY 10, 2022 
Topic 1: BioField – Commonalities
Topic 2: Staff Retention

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Dr. Dan has taken a deep dive into the “Holographic Universe” and wondered how and if its applicable to a subject I raised a while ago in Advanced MC2, namely, the concept of Biofileds and their predictability.

So, of course, we had a conversation about it to at least broach the subject and see where it leads. In the same videeo, at the end, I wondered about what docs are using nutritionally (themselves) and if there was any sense of commonality there also.

It turns out we already have oned reply on the FB Forum page so do check it out. The assumtion is that DC’s are healthy and have healthy lifestyles and so what I wanted to know is if you take nutritional supplements, which 4 or 5 would you classify as crucial…at least for you? We will expand on this going forward and so very interested in your feedback and response.

So, let’s get started with Biofields.  Jump into our conversation:

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You, too, can have a more nerve system-cause oriented approach to practice!
Take action…at the very least, ask MORE questions!
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