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Last Chance for the Business Development Seminar on November 1…

First a few words…everyone has heard the cliche that if you fail to plan you are planning to fail…
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One that I receive over and over and over again and a quick question about technic so let’s do the technic question first:

I have a question.  I have gotten really specific at adjusting the atlas.  I have noticed though that about 99% of the time the short leg switches when I flip the patients over prone.  

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Coaches Corner-In a Minute but This Just In!  I Just Got This Email…

My partner, Dr. Alan, just sent me this email that said if I thought the Forbes article or the recent articles on stroke and cervical manipulation were bad for our public image….I just had to see this.  So I immediately clicked on the link he sent me and, well, you tell me:



It’s the 4th Quarter:
First Down or Touch Down?

Chiropractors continually play this game of First Down meaning they arbitrarily pick a goal (number) for their practice.  Then, every day or week that goes by that they don’t hit this arbitrary goal, they beat themselves up (mentally) with lots of negative self talk.

Somewhere down the line if they hit this arbitrary goal, there’s no big celebration…no little dance…nothing except then setting a new arbitrary goal that they can once again beat themselves up over every time they don’t make it.

This game of First Downs is in direct contradiction to the Law of Attraction in that what you are constantly telling yourself (and your staff) is that you are lacking.

And, no one ever won a football game by scoring the most first downs….you win by getting into the end zone.  The problem is that most chiropractors don’t know where their End Zone is nor where they are on the playing field.  Those two pieces missing and the game becomes almost impossible to win.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What do we know?  Outcomes are driven by actions and actions and we withhold action due to a perceived lack of skill and, for most docs, that missing skill set is business acumen.

What should be clear at this point is that the Annual Business Development Planning Seminar is unlike any other experience you have had in chiropractic before and there are reasons for that.

  1. Our model is based on delivering business development.
  2. We understand that it is YOU and not the strategy that propels your growth
    so YOU are important to us!
  3. If we grow your WHY, the how is easy.
  4. While we will give you the steps, we know that it is how (or if) you implement
    them that determines your success.
  5. We believe in delivering this critical message with the 4 keys we used in practice
    namely high energy, high fun, over-delivering and making your day!

Combine these ingredients, and, at least in my mind, I could not imagine what could hold you back from taking the needed steps to experience the life and practice you have always told yourself you wanted.

Isn’t it time to take a stand for YOU?

Now Is YOUR Time to get where YOU want to go!

Enough excuses…time to act….

The public image issue, business skills and many other topics crucial to the success of your business in 2015 will be the central subject of this year’s Business Development Meeting known as the Annual Management Planning Seminar….details on
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Motivation Moment:

Here’s this week’s Motivational Moment.

Please share your favorite motivational quote, verse, prayer, or saying with me so I can share it with others.

“The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal.

The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.

– Benjamin Mays

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