Tonal Pediatrics – 8 Hours

(MC2 is pre/co-requisite)

Outline for Dr. Stitcher
Hour 1: Practice Set up for pediatrics and pregnancy Safety and efficiency

Hour 2: Pediatrics examination procedures and testing for proper diagnosis and case management

Hour 3: Adjusting the pediatric population utilizing diversified, Thompson and Logan techniques
Applying a tonal analysis to the pediatric population

Hour 4: Pregnancy – Anatomy of a pregnant woman – Special considerations with adjusting and management

Hour 5: Adjusting the pregnant woman utilizing diversified, Thompson, SOT, Logan and Activator techniques Applying a tonal analysis to the pregnant woman

Hour 6: Infants – Review of birth procedures and the effect on the newborn. New patient and examination procedures for the neonate

Hour 7: Adjusting the neonate utilizing Logan and diversified techniques – Applying a tonal analysis to the infant patient

Hour 8: Networking for patient success and co-management
Final thoughts on patient care and adjusting success applied to pregnancy and pediatrics.
Vaccines and immunity.