Advanced Tonal for Pregnancy and Pediatrics
4-hour course
Kristina Stitcher, D.C.
This course will explore labor and birth and our unique contribution in the birth world, you will
learn the phases of labor and chiropractic strategies in each stage. Cranial motion, fixation and
correction will be taught. We will explore the different types of birth stress and the impact on
the nervous system in the infant population. Postpartum depression signs and symptoms,
statistics, incidence and resources will be shared. We will discuss clinical pearls for patient
success and take that knowledge further with systems for success in a busy family practice.

Hour 1:
*Phases of Labor: understanding of each stage and how birth progresses
*Support measures for the chiropractor attending birth

Hour 2:
*Cranial Work: Introduction of the cranial bones and how they subluxate
*Birth Stress and Neurological Outcomes in the infant population

Hour 3:
*Continued birth stress.
*Postpartum Depression Disorders and our unique role.

Hour 4:
*Clinical pearls for patient success: Pediatric and pregnancy focused
success in a family practice utilizing systems and procedures to maximize
efficiency and connection.