Tonal Nutrition Outline (4 hours)

Dr. Greg Anderson

Hour 1: The True Cause of Subluxation

  • Brief review of Chiropractic techniques; bone, muscle & nerve
  • Review of how Tonal Analysis of MC2 actually works
  • Subluxation: Structural and Neurological Subluxation
  • The subluxation model: Causes of subluxation
  • Chemical stress causes subluxation
  • DD Palmer, Stevenson and nutrition
  • Diet/Lifestyle/Environment of 1918 vs. 2018: More or less chemical stress?
  • Brief review of Nutritional analysis techniques; AK, NRT, MAT, SSA
    • What these all have in common
    • What makes TNA (Tonal Nutrition Analysis) different?
  • Nutritional deficiencies today that did not exist in the day of D.D. Palmer

Hour 2:  The Triune of Life

  • The Palmer’s Triune of Life vs. Reggie Gold’s Triune of Life
  • Energy (Force), Matter & Intelligence
  • E=MC2 and other revelations of modern physics that have changed our view of biology
  • The human body in modern & ancient sciences
    • The astral body, the subtle body, the Spirit body or the energy body
    • Chakras and energy fields
    • Chakras and torque
    • The subtle body as an energy blueprint
    • The problem with a mechanistic view of life (morphogenesis, spontaneous healing, etc)
    • Innate Intelligence as the subtle body (proposed)
    • Universal Intelligence as the energy source of the universe (proposed)
  • Energy fields and the human body
    • We are affected energetically by everything around us
    • Experiments with energy fields

Hour 3: MC2

  • Review of Nervous System
    • DD’s Tone vs. Today’s Tone
    • BJ’s Torque vs. Today’s Torque
    • How MC2 chiropractic analysis works
    • Innervation to organs, glands and blood vessels
      • Review of The Meric System, Spinal Nerve & Nutrition Chart-Standard Process, Chapman’s Reflexes/Ridler’s Nutrition Points, Foundational Evaluation of the Spine-IFNH, The Hoffman Chart, Understanding autonomic sensory nerves, Autonomic sensory nerve irritation and somatic responses
  • A Working Theory of Tonal Nutrition Testing
  • TNT is based on presence of subluxation and the discovery of chemical stress being a large component of the subluxation pattern. 
  • Why some people won’t show changes in balancing the nervous system.
  • Understanding the Tonal Nutrition Testing Chart

Hour 4: Tonal Nutrition Testing and Product

  • FREE the Nerve, then FEED the Nerve
  • The science of Protomorphology
  • Test with Protomorphogens, Find the tissue, organ or gland that needs support, then Feed with Nutrition
  • Three Steps to TNT
    • STEP 1: Check for Nervous System Balance
    • STEP 2: Using MC2 analysis to determine area of subluxation, line of drive and torque.
    • STEP 3: Testing the Subluxation for Nutrition before the adjustment
  • Interpretation of TNT findings
  • Live demonstrations and Group practice session
  • TNT is independent of the practitioner’s physiology
  • 2 ways to implement TNT into your practice