Dr Bronstein’s Outline: 
Hour 1: The Science of Adaptability – In this presentation we’ll discuss human potential and how we adapt to the effects of stress. More importantly we’ll talk about what it means for you and how to better serve your patients.

Hour 2-3: A Primer On Holography and Esoterics – The brain is hologram just as the universe is a hologram. We are all interacting on that grand scale via our energetic fields which not only affect you, but also affect your patients. We’ll dig into the quantum physics in play with MC2 and how to improve your analysis.

Hour 4: Carrera – This is where we get our hands dirty and apply that knowledge of quantum neurology to the patient on the table. We’ll talk about how to analyze a patient (and even adjust a patient) without ever touching them and more importantly, how to improve your workflow and efficiency so you can see more people, deliver better adjustments and take less time.