4 Hour Advanced Course Includes:

1. Hour 1 – Students will learn how to employ “Carrera” analysis in pediatric cases to improve efficiency in a high volume clinic. We’ll discuss alternate challenges in an MC2 model to quickly identify and correct subluxations. 

2. Hour 2 – Logan Basic is an important technique system for use in children, but can be cumbersome. When employed with an MC2 analysis, Logan becomes a fantastic tool to correct subluxations quickly, gently and safely. Students will learn how to analyze and correct subluxations using this modification to traditional MC2.

3. Hour 3 – In Basic Tonal Pediatrics, we discuss biotoning as a primary analysis technique for infants where traditional leg checks cannot be performed. In this advanced module, we’ll extrapolate on this technique, based on other analyses such as Toffness to improve efficiency and accuracy. 

4. Hour 4 – Students of Tonal Pediatrics often ask how to apply scanning tech in an MC2 model. For use in children, scanning provides a wealth of info that informs the doctor re: specificity, intensity and care planning for the pediatric patient. We’ll use case studies to demonstrate.