Advanced MC2 Course Outline:

  1. Communications:
    1. Learning to walk
    2. Future Pacing
    3. Health Development Model
  2. Moving from “Driver’s Ed” to “Carrera” in making your assessment
  3. Open Adjusting
  4. Three Dimensionality and Vibratory Frequencies
  5. General torque fields of the body: Enhanced Bio-Toning. Increased Efficiency.
    1. Finding Them
    2. Using Them
  6. Extremities in a Tonal MC2 model – General Torque Fields | Arthrostim
  7. Understanding and implementing “states of nervous system arousal”
    1. Fight or Flight – The Fear Pandemic
    2. Why Less is More
    3. The BioChart and its implications
    4. Use of the Arthrostim
    5. Understanding and utilizing BrainTap to engage and enhance neuroplasticity
  8. A Deeper Dive Into Hoffman’s Sign
    1. A NEW Anterior T-12 procedure with associated cervical
    2. QL insertion and lateral flexion
    3. Assessing and Correcting Phrenic Nerve Involvement
  9. Right Brain – Left Brain Implications
  10. An understanding of stress and tension and how they relate to current health issues (ie-Migraines).
  11. Case Management (please bring them)
  12. Supervised Hands On
  13. Final Q and A